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Our Plan

No American should be denied his/or her human rights in retaliation for his/her . . .

  1. ethnicity
  2. skin color
  3. religion
  4. sexual orientation
  5. romantic preference
  6. country of origin

As stated on the Great Seal of the United States:

E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, One)

Translation: All Patriotic Democrats Together!

For too long, these groups, indispensable to the overall well-being of our country, have been ignored, ill-treated as second-rate citizens and, with no doubt whatsover, disenfranchised and openly deprived of judicial and economic equality!

To eradicate this flagrant, unconstitutional violation of human rights, our plan is to engage the aforementioned groups to participate in our effort to . . .

  1. Register Hispanics an others to vote Democratic
  2. Get Hispanics an others out to actually vote
  3. Recruit competent Democratic candidates of all ethnic groups
  4. Help all duly qualified Democrats get elected
  5. Once elected, help get them reelected
  6. Form liaisons with supportive Hispanic and an other groups
  7. Reach out to disgruntled Republicans
  8. Reach out to NPA’s
  9. Raise money to fund public messages to be placed on Spanish radio and TV stations
  10. Create information flyers to deliver to homes and create recruitment materials

Nuestro Plan

  1. Registrar los más hispanos posibles para que voten
  2. LLevar a hispanos que necesiten ayuda a votar
  3. Reclutar candidatos demócratas competentes
  4. Ayudar a cada demócrata calificado para ser elegido
  5. Una vez elegidos, ayudar a que sean reelegidos
  6. Formar enlaces de apoyo con otros grupos hispanos
  7. Hacer contacto con republicanos que estén descontentos
  8. Hacer contacto con los "NPA" que estén descontentos
  9. Recaudar dinero para financiar mensajes públicos que se colocarán en estaciones hispanas de radio y televisión
  10. Crear folletos de información para entregar a los hogares y crear materiales de reclutamiento

It's Time To Act!

Join us and volunteer to provide our political candidates with the tools to ensure that the People’s House is occupied only by American Patriots.

Don't leave it to the other guy!  It's your country, your freedom and your loved ones who should be protected!

Ofrécete como voluntario y únete a nosotros en nuestro esfuerzo para darles a nuestros candidatos las herramientas que los ayuden a ganar.

¡No se lo dejes a otro!  Son tú país, tú libertad, y los que amas que están en peligro y deben ser protegidos.

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