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Save Our Democracy

Our mission is to save our Democracy by engaging and mobilizing the power of Hispanic voters in Lee County to elect Democratic candidates at the Federal, State and local levels.

To accomplish this imperative goal, our effort will be directed at:

  1. Recruiting, vettting and supporting viable Hispanic and non-Hispanic Democratic candidates
  2. Raising funds to help these Democratic candidates
  3. Enlisting Hispanics and other minority groups to join our effort
  4. Encouraging and assisting Hispanics to register to vote
  5. Seeking the trust of non-Democratic Hispanics
  6. Providing viable ways for Hispanics of all cultures to unite and join our effort

In addition to our overall goal, the DHCLC will aim to instill unity among Democratic groups in our area.

Democratic Party unity is the obvious, indispensable key to Democratic success in Florida and other states.

Obviously, many well-meaning groups would be better able to achieve their overarching goal working together — an important part of Our Mission!

Therefore . . .

To win, our Democratic Party cannot consist of a bunch of diffuse little groups pursuing their own agenda, with total disregard for what other like-minded groups are doing.

To have the necessary clout to effect real, meaningful change, our party must become a disciplined, unified,

well-oiled machine.  Its members must be willing to subsume their own particular pet interests for the good of the whole.  Identity politics must be put aside.

Again, we need UNITY.  Otherwise, we will keep shooting worthless blanks.

In addition, to win elections in Florida — and elsewhere — Democrats must direct a clear, palatable message to all Freedom-Loving Americans, especially those whom we, indisputably, depend on to win.  For example:

Democrats are Americans whose primary goal is to keep our democracy safe from FASCISM while protecting the rights of ALL law-abiding Americans — Your real friends!

The enemies of democracy, a.k.a. FASCISTS, are self-servingly and incessantly trying to deflect attention from the January 6th, 2021 Insurrection, a date which no Patriotic American must ever forget!

They have been shamelessly repeating vicious lies hoping that Patriotic Americans will forget the shameless and seditious January 6th, 2021 Insurrection .

Democrats must adopt their playbook.


The plain, indisputable fact is that America needs Patriotic Americans of all ethnic groups who are willing to Unite and work together on what is perhaps the most important cause of their lives:
The continued existence of our democracy!

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