DeSantis Raises Florida Taxes
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To save our country, our democracy and our planet, we need 2 things:
  1. We need 2 or more Democratic Senators in Washington to insure we get President Biden's Build Back Better Agenda approved.
     The way we can accomplish this is:

    Support Statehood for Puerto Rico


    Support Statehood for Washington D.C.

    Each of these would provide President Biden with 2 Senators plus additional Representatives in the House of Representatives.  (See Rationale below.)

  2. We Need Your Help To . . .

    register Democrats to vote

    get out the Vote and elect our candidates

If you speak Spanish or Creole we need you!

DHCLC Our State Caucus, the Democratic Hispanic Caucus Of Florida has begun a program strictly designed to recruit, vet, train and support intelligent, trainable and viable Democratic Candidates willing to do the work necessary to effect selfless, meaningful change in our state and in our nation.
If you, or anyone you know "fits the bill", please don't hesitate to contact us.  Mention Action Hispanica.

Our Rationale For Statehood
Puerto Rico's citizens have been fighting and dying for U.S. Democracy since the Revolutionary War all the way to the war in Afghanistan!  Statehood has been earned with blood and tears — it's well-deserved!  Puerto Rico Statehood is long past due!   Read more . . .
Washington, DC Statehood is also long past due!  For more than 200 years, the residents of Washington, DC have been subjected to systemic inequality and denied the full rights of citizenship that the residents of states enjoy including voting representation in Congress. It is time to right a great historic wrong.  Read More ...
The endurance of our democracy will be more certain when Puerto Rico and Washington, DC are admitted to the union as bona fide states.  This is indisputable!

Democratic Hispanic Caucus Of Lee County
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