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Rational Tax Reform


The answer is simple: The American tax system is currupt and skewed to benefit wealthy campaign donors and corporations, some of which get away with paying no taxes at all!  As a result, the U.S. Government is broke — and suffocating with debt!

It's okay to be wealthy.  All we ask is that every American pay his or her own patriotic fair share!

"A household needs income to pay for its family's needs.  A government needs revenue to pay for the needs of its citizens!   Without sufficient revenue, a healthy environment and infrastructure, quality healthcare and education, economic and racial equality, national — and personal — security, etc., will remain unchecked items on the ever-fading American Wish List!"

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Restrictive Vote Supression laws are being enacted throughout our country.  House Bill HR1, designed to guarantee that all qualified Americans are able to vote, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or any other made-up excuse, is the answer — support it! DHCLC

Judicial Reform


Our Judiciary is America's bulwark against Fascism and every despotic force in the world whose prime goal is undermining our Constitution and the institutions which protect America.

It is an American ideal conceived to instill the peace of mind that only freedom, justice and equality under the law can bring.

Unfortunately, the advent of the Trump Administration was nothing short of a frontal assault on the U.S. Constitution and the traditional respect and reverence that most previous U.S. presidents held for our system of justice.

Trump's appointment of the sycophantic Bill Barr as Attorney General was a clear indication that, if allowed, he would eradicate American democracy as we know it.  Democracy would suddenly become a thing of the past!

Consistent with Trump's authoritarian designs, Bill Barr sought to undermine the Justice Department in order to please his boss's personal need to be the first American FASCIST president.

Their stratagems did not work, but the effects of their effort is still hauting our imperiled nation.


Trump lost the 2020 election but his wish to be the first American dictator did not end there.  On January 6th, 2021, the defeated Donald Trump made this clear.

He also made clear that our justice system is not written in stone — nor are our democractic institutions and the freedoms that every human being cherishes.

When he was president, the aspiring dictator wanted 12 more years in power.  He lost the 2020 presidential elections but our nation is still beset by doubt and insecurity.

Clearly, to keep our freedoms, we'll have to fight for them.  If we take them for granted, we'll lose them!

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