The FAST Tax*
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A household needs income to pay for its family's needs.  A government needs revenue to pay for the needs of its citizens!  Without sufficient revenue, a healthy environment and infrastructure, quality healthcare and education, economic and racial equality, national – and personal – security, etc., will remain unchecked items on the ever-fading American Wish List!

How FAST Benefits America

A Fair Tax System

Enough Revenue

American Jobs

Economic Stability

Economic Equality

Faith In The System

Strong Alliances

National and Personal Security

No National Debt

Use our FAST TAX CALCULATOR to learn how FAST compares with the current tax code and how it will affect your bottom line.

It's All About Revenue

FACT: as a consequence of obvious greed and fiscally-irresponsible tax-cutting policies, the government of the wealthiest nation in history is broke — saddled with a skyrocketing, $28 Trillion national debt!
To make things worse, dealing with COVID-19 could easily add another $5 to $10 Trillion to the debt, possibly reaching $30 Trillion before 2021.

Yearly debt-interest, already costing taxpayers in excess of $1 Trillion, will likely grow to $1.5 Trillion — money that could better serve the needs of our nation, instead of the wealthy.

It is imperative that a way to deal with this shameful, gargantuan anchor around our nation's neck be found soon.  Otherwise, we can wave bye-bye to healthcare for all, quality education, a safe environment, infrastructure repair, national security, homelessness and the rest.

More Taxpayer Pain

Tax Deductions Eliminated After 2018 Returns
  • Moving expenses. You can no longer deduct moving expenses when you relocate for a job or for self-employment
  • Home equity loan interest
  • Personal exemptions
  • Deductions for state and local taxes
  • Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions, uniforms, etc.
  • Casualty and theft losses
  • Alimony payments

Our Americratic Solution

Instead of simply raising or lowering tax rates, which can be undone by fiscally-irresponsible politicians to satisfy their wealthy campaign donors, FAST is a plan designed to permanently:
  • ensure that everyone pays their own fair share
  • eliminate our country's obscene income inequality
  • eliminate all deductions, loopholes and special credits
  • lower tax rates for every taxpayer, including corporations
  • generate sufficient revenue to pay for all of our nation's needs, including funding the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
  • pay off the national debt and save American taxpayers $ Trillions in debt interest
  • simplify the process by eliminating tax returns for most taxpayers
  • pay off the national debt in less than 20 years
  • maintain our alliances, protect our allies and restore U.S. prestige and leadership around the world

*courtesy of Americracy

How FAST Works

FAST was designed to replace our rigged, unfair, elastic, corrupt tax-code which only a few can understand.  It is based on IRS statistics — not out-of-the-air voodoo statistics.

FAST is fair, simple and automatic.  It consists of 8 income brackets.

FAST lowers tax rates for individual taxpayers (2% to 20.5%) and corporations (6.5%).  NOTE: collectively, corporations usually pay less than 1% — some corporations pay 0%!

To pay for lower tax rates and pay off the national debt, however, FAST eliminates ALL deductions, loopholes and special credits, which are used by the wealthy and the corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes — the reason why our government is broke and in debt!

In addition, FAST includes a temporary Deficit Reduction Rate ("DRR") to gradually and painlessly pay off the debt in less than 20 years and automatically disappear when the debt is paid off.

Once FAST is enacted, self-serving politicians won't be able to rig the tax code to benefit their wealthy campaign donors at our expense.

Other FAST Benefits

FAST simplifies tax-preparation for the self-employed as well.

FAST saves taxpayers hundreds of dollars on tax preparation fees by eliminating tax returns for the majority of the employed.

FAST saves the IRS $Billions every year by making the printing and mailing of millions of tax forms, envelopes and pamphlets unnecessary.

Once the benefits FAST provides are realized and our nation is on the right path to fiscal responsibility and national solvency, Americans' — and the free world's — faith, respect and confidence in our democracy will be restored.  America will once again take its rightful place as leader of the free world.

Faulty Logic

Many Republicans habitually insist that cutting tax rates is the best way to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Many Democrats have traditionally believed that raising tax rates on the wealthy is the best revenue-enhancing solution.

If we compare, these "solutions" we will see that, historically, neither has ever worked!

Lower marginal tax rates (rates before deductions) without eliminating all deductions, loopholes and special credits decreases revenue and further increases the national debt — adding Billion$ in interest and making things even worse.

Higher marginal tax rates "turn off" many voters, can be lowered again by the next administration and will be used by Republicans to label Democrats as fiscally-irresponsible, tax-and-spend Liberal/Socialists.

The best solution?  A simplified, permanent solution which keeps the politicians' hands off of the tax code, where everyone pays their fair share!

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