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A political philosophy, movement or regime (such as that of the Fascisti in Italy) that exalts nation, and often race, above the individual and stands for a centralized, autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. ~ Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fascism

January 6th, 2021


Assault On Democracy

As the whole world knows, Donald Trump directed his domestic supporters of FASCISM to storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

They stormed the U.S. Capitol for the sole purpose of overturning the 2020 elections and replacing our government with a FASCIST government headed by Donald Trump.

As everybody around the world knows, like any other would-be authoritarian FASCIST, Trump lied about having lost the 2020 elections and his deceived supporters believed his big lie!

Of course, his self-serving sycophantic politicians repeated his lies while trying to delay and cast doubts about the 2020 elections.  They repeated his lies because they thought that feeding lies to their base would enhance their own chances at the polls on their next elections.


Trump instigated insurrection  His lawsuits have been dismissed by court after court, his calls to states to reject their citizens’ votes have been rejected by state after state, and his push to overturn the votes of the Electoral College have been rejected even by his own vice president. Yet he, and his most ardent congressional supporters, continued to escalate their assault on our democracy. Read more . . .

Past Is Prologue?

To understand the danger our democracy is really in, we must use the past as a reminder of what can happen in a society that takes its democratic institutions for granted.

  • In the 1860s, the U.S. Civil War was fought — mainly because some Americans in the Southern States, unwilling to part with the status quo, wanted to keep the right to treat a certain segment of the population as slaves to be exploited, ill-treated and abused as they saw fit.
  • In 1934, especially taking advantage of a world depression — caused by 3 previous Republican Administrations, among other thingsAdolph Hitler was elected by a desperate German people.  Initially, most Germans, while concerned with their own welfare and well-being, were willing to ignore his malevolent actions against Jews, poles and other world populations.  Eventually, though, as American and British bombs started raining on their cities, Germans came to regret their initial support of Hitler.  They knew they had made a mistake, but it was too late!
    Learn more . . .
  • During WWII, most Americans were willing to make sacrifices for their own democracy.   Some knew their freedoms were in danger and were even willing to sacrifice their lives for country and family.  They knew that FASCISM meant loss of freedom!  No lie or demagogue was going to fool anyone.  No Hitler or Hitler wanabee could fool them then! 
  • Now, in 2021, it seems nothing has changed!  Like Adolph Hitler during his Third Reich days, Trump’s lies are still being repeated and believed by his adoring base — even after his lies have been debunked and rejected by countless courts!

    This, however, is because White Supremacist and other groups still want to subjugate and control members of other races and ethnic groups.  They want to limit and/or eliminate all minority votes which affect supremacist groups’ particular sphere of domestic influence, which includes controlling the Congress of the United States of America.

Caveat Emptor, America

Today, it seems Republicans are not the old patriotic Americans they once used to be.  Hitler and Mussolini are not threatening our Democracy these days, so Republicans are either ignorant of the current threat to our democracy or worse, they don’t care!

Nonetheless, our Democracy is in trouble!  Self-serving, domestic Hitler-loving individuals are doing all they can to bring back Jim Crow restrictions — all those voting regulations that suppress the minority vote in our country.

Using state laws to accomplish their ends, along with foreign enemies of democracy, these Hitler-loving, non-patriots have been openly and shamelessly conspiring to overthrow our democratic government in order to bring FASCISM to America.


Definition: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government

The shameful, disgusting, embarrassing, January 6th, 2021 armed insurrection we all saw — as it was happening live on television — was the clear culmination of an assault on our democracy.  It was a flagrant attempt to overthrow the will of the majority of voters in America and make Donald Trump the first-ever American dictator!

Issue #1: American Democracy


Inadvertent Fascism

Traditionally, Americans have held FACISM in the highest state of contempt.  Lately, though, a large segment of the American population, in fear of losing future elections to more progressive voters, are listening to and supporting — perhaps inadvertently — demagogic, self-serving, RED STATE politicians who are doing all they can to keep control of the elections in their states.

For example, in order to win elections, Georgia's Republican-controlled Legislature has passed a new vote-restrictions law.  It is known as "Voting Law SB 202".

Under this new law, it is now illegal to even give water or food to anyone who is in line waiting to vote (no matter how long).  This is shameful!

The following vote-restricting changes are now part of this law:

  • Changes to absentee voting
  • Changes to early voting
  • Changes to vote counting
  • Changes affecting local elections offices
  • Changes affecting the State Election Board
  • Other changes
Read more . . .

State Supporters of Fascism

All over the United States, self-serving, autocratic politicians in Red States are working without rest to suppress the vote.  Texas, Georgia and Florida are the worst examples of this assault on democracy.  If these FASCIST-leaning attempts succeed, the remaining Red States will follow and one-party rule will win.  Our founding fathers’ cherished American democracy will become "a thing of the past"!

Patriotic Americans cannot stand for this!  Every democracy-loving American Patriot MUST MOBILIZE NOW to meet this flagrant assault on our democracy.  January 6th, 2021 must not happen — ever again!

In order to preserve Americans’ right to vote and other rights, our democracy, its institutions and the American way of life, it is clearly necessary that our Democratic Party candidates be elected in 2022.  If they aren’t, things in Florida, — and the U.S.! — will remain as they are: bleak.

How Do We Fight This?

Our candidates cannot be left to their own devices; the situation is too serious!  They must be vetted and helped in every way possible.  Most important, they must be aware of the fact that knowledge of the issues and proper delivery thereof will make their election less difficult.

Accordingly, to help them get elected, the DHCLC hereby requests your assistance in asking all Democrats and Democratic organizations to unite and submit the following message to as many other Democratic organizations as possible in your state, wherever they are, as well as to the candidates running in 2022.

It is noteworthy that today’s Republicans have no platform to talk about.  To get elected, their interests lie solely on voter suppression, lying, attacking Joe Biden and refusing to pay taxes to pay for his agenda — that’s it!  That Republicans and their families actually benefit directly from President Biden’s policies seems to make no difference!

To win, Democratic Candidates must concentrate on COVID-19 and the assault on democracy that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, as well as the FASCISM that threatens American Democracy!

How We Can Beat FASCISM

  • Democrats must expose Trump and his supporters as responsible for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Over 550,000 Americans have died so far and this is Trump’s fault!
    Hear it from Trump’s own mouth . . .
  • Democrats must equate Republican Candidates with Trump, FASCISM and with Putin.
  • Democrats must acknowledge that most Americans oppose FASCISM and COMMUNISM.
  • Democrats must warn voters that, to vote against the Democrats, is to vote for FASCISM.
  • Democrats must advocate for making membership in seditious groups illegal!
  • Democrats must advocate for modification of laws which allow individuals or TV stations to lie about election fraud or election results.
  • Democrats should avoid mentioning issues which are bound to turn-off Republicans and NPAs, and which the Biden Administration is already addressing — or will address in the future.
  • Democrats must remind every voter of President Biden’s great success with the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill!
  • Talk about what his Infrastructure Bill would provide to all Americans:
    1. jobs
    2. repair and rebuild bridges, highways and roads
    3. expand high-speed broadband across the entire country
    4. upgrade and build new schools
    5. improve power lines, spur shift to clean energy
    6. research and development - catch up with China
  • Tell other Democrats: Do your share!  Don’t leave it to the "next guy"!  It's your — and your loved ones' — democracy!
Read more . . .

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