Who Is The Best Candidate
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Frankly, a voter who uses Race, Gender, Ethnicity, etc., to select the "best candidate", is really no different — unfair or prejudiced — from those voters whose uninformed attitude elected the very politicians whom we are trying to defeat at the polls.  To be like them is to be them!

When a number of candidates are running for a particular office, especially an extremely important office, there is one issue that must be carefully considered:


Electability must rationally be considered the supreme issue when we cast our vote — perhaps the most important "commodity" that our Constitutional Democratic Republic grants us.

Today, given the Fascist Peril which threatens our freedom, our democracy and the American way of life, we cannot be careless with our vote!

The big and not-so-simple question is:

Who Is The Most Electable Candidate?

The following are a few questions we should ask ourselves before casting our votes:

The Frivolous Vote

In past elections, when our democracy did not seem seriously threatened by Fascist, foreign and domestic enemies of democracy, a biased, uninformed vote might not have seemed too harmful to our democracy.  Nowadays, though, such an action would be irresponsible and tantamount to playing with fire.

Research!  Vote Wisely!

Obviously, in many cases, selecting the "right" candidate requires a certain amount of work — even when we are tired and often don't have the time.

But we're in a battle — a battle for our democracy.  Our freedom and the welfare of our loved ones are at stake.

Who Is The Best Candidate?

These days, in Florida, the best Candidate is the most electable — irrespective of Race, Gender, Ethnicity, etc.

Whatever candidates are best suited to defeat Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio are the best and most electable.  The same holds true for any candidates running at any state-level.

As we state the aforesaid, we are cognizant of some voters' propensity to take the "easy road".  However, this road is no longer open to us.   Think January 6th, 2021!

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