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There is no doubt: When we take a good look at the state of the union, it is in a sorry state of disrepair.

Our environment, our infrastructure, our healthcare system, the education of our children and countless other issues of importance to the well-being of all Americans, are in a deplorable state — not to mention the sorry state of race relations in our country.  Indeed, America is in great need!   American unity seems very far away as well.

However, not withstanding our needs or our own personal wishes and desires, the seditious, January 6th, 2021 Insurrection, which took place at the U.S. Capitol, should have taught us that preservation of our Democracy is America’s prime priorityThis day must never be forgotten — ever!

Unlike Pearl Harbor, this dastardly attack on our democracy was led by a group self-serving, power-hungry, seditious, Fascist-leaning Americans.

Without any doubt, the enemies of American democracy live among us.  This truth cannot be ignored.

While committed patriots are busy working assiduously to improve the lives and well-being of all Americans, Fascist-leaning citizens (including some elected officials) are busy plotting the overthrow of our democracy!  They are supported by other self-serving politicians who — knowingly or not — are, in fact, aiding and abetting Fascist seditionists as they selectively seek to suppress the vote of some Americans minorities.

It should be clear: if Fascists are allowed to overthrow our democracy, the state of the union can only deteriorate even further; would-be tyrannts would make sure of this!  The People's Agenda will remain a wish.

The question is, What can we do?

Note: We suggest this document be read in its entirety.  Comments, whether negative or positive, should be addressed to the author.
Put Democracy First

We cannot ignore the fact that a solution to the various threats that increasingly threaten our existence as free and healthy citizens of our Democratic Republic cannot possibly be achieved in five minutes.  Matters of importance take time.  Protecting the endurance of our Constitutional Democratic Republic will take time!

Finding a solution requires a serious analytical effort to ascertaining the reasons why self-evident truths are being ignored by an “unwitting” truth-denying segment of the population.

It requires understanding why such a segment of the population is prone to willingly and blindly accept a continuous barrage of disingenuous comments and lies spoken by a few self-serving individuals who — only a

few months ago — were stating the opposite ─ the obvious truth!

It requires that the powers of truth and reason recognize the severity of the danger our democracy is in.

It requires that time and effort be spent to spread the right message to apprise unwitting supporters of Fascism of what is really happening in America and what they have to lose.

Although difficult, it is incumbent upon those of us who really care for the endurance of our republic to persevere and continue looking for a way to “break the ice” with those “truth deniers” whose ill-advised or unwitting support of opportunistic, self-serving purveyors of lies will work against their own interests.

Those who believed Hitler, Mussolini and Japan’s Hideki Tojo from the 1920s through the1940s remain witnesses to the devastation that resulted from the unquestioning acceptance of self-serving lies masquerading as truths.

Simply stated, we must keep in mind that, with few exceptions, just telling self-evident truths to those who refuse to listen will most likely end up falling on "deaf ears" — a waste of time.

Nonetheless, we must never stop looking for “the way” to reach the unreachable!  We must persevere!

We must never give up!  We must never give in to the Tyranny and abuse that Fascism will bring to America.

Intransigent Minds

Before it’s too late, as in the rest of the country, our aim in Florida is to change the attitudes of a significant number of intransigent Americans regarding issues which affect their ─ and everyone’s ─ wellness, security and, ultimately, their existence.

Chief among these important issues are the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, our decaying infrastructure and, without any doubt, the attempted overthrow of our democratic institutions and our Constitution, as evinced by the unprecedented, shameless, treasonous attack on the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Given the vast amounts of scientific information available to buttress the seriousness and importance of the aforementioned issues, there is still a significant "blind and deaf" segment of our population which refuses to be convinced of the palpable truth.

Veracity notwithstanding, it seems obvious that convincing other minds,

in one way or another, is, mostly a monumental, daunting task.

In effect, convincing others, of anything, is a human, frequently-tried, psychological exercise often culminating in futility.

With perhaps extremely rare exception, this applies to every living person, including those whom we consider “like-minded” individuals. Perhaps unwittingly, most of us might ultimately succumb to this undesirable human foible.

For myriad reasons, including personal pride, intransigence, jingoism, distrust or familial fealty, convincing others to at least listen to a well-meaning, opposing argument is a difficult endeavor ─ even when not listening may constitute danger!

Often, reluctance to listen to others — or susceptibility to the charms of other self-serving, disingenuous, charismatic personalities — might cause some individuals to “shut their ears” to the obvious truth.

Additionally, for some well-meaning individuals, accepting others’ ideas or advise is perceived as an affront to their intelligence and experience ─ with no consideration for the “adviser’s” own intelligence and experience.

Also, some individuals are predisposed to disagree with, and oppose, any idea whatsoever that does not originate in their own minds.  They might eventually change their minds but, at the moment, a contrarian reaction is to be expected.

In a shooting war, a soldier can dispose of his or her perceived enemy with bullets; in a war of minds, the dynamic is far more complex.  Even when dealing with parents or one’s own children, grandchildren, siblings or friends, the outcome is rarely satisfactory.

Of course, there are exceptions ─ there always are.  However, more often than not, the result is bound to disappoint.

The Burdens Of Leadership

Some individuals don't want to lead!  Some wish to be led by others.  Some lead because they have to.

Some individuals, whether grossly inexperienced, grossly unprepared — or not, are prone to assume positions of leadership with total disregard for the opinions and abilities of those they want to lead.

During childhood, this predisposition to “lead” can be noticed among children — it is often referred to as “sibling-rivalry”.

Unfortunately, as adults, "wannabe-leaders" may be motivated by

impulses which might be detrimental to the cause they mean to support or to those whom they purport to help.

Of course, collaborating with a self-appointed "wannabe-leader" can pose numerous difficulties, even when dealing with well-meaning, like-minded individuals.

Likewise, working with unwitting supporters of "facts", "hunches" or "feelings" inimical to the success of the goal at hand requires hard work, understanding, discipline, patience and empathy!

Clearly, it is sometimes difficult to

collaborate with certain types of people.  We can only blame nature!

Nonetheless, unity is required for the achievement of our ultimate goal.

Unity, therefore, must not be jeopardized by personal pride, petty disagreements or the "leadership" propensities of certain individuals, especially volunteers!

Moreover, as difficult as it might be, an introspective understanding of our own inclinations and an honest, constructive, discussion regarding our collaborators' perceptions of us might be beneficial to our effort.


For at least the last two decades, the Florida Democratic Party has remained a feckless, ineffectual amalgam of dedicated, mostly hard-working, little "fiefdoms" unable to effect real, positive change.

Without any doubt, these important, mostly little, groups are necessary if we are to achieve our ends.  However, despite their obvious

dedication and hard work, our party remains firmly in the minority.  This begs the questions, "Why do we keep losing?" and "Can we win?"

From the state level on down, during every election cycle, clear, manifest indifference, incoherent messaging, self-fulfilling defeatism, along with a palpable lack of unity, have mostly characterized our party’s modus

operadi, which, in effect, has mostly resulted in unsupported, struggling, self-directing, organizations doing their "own thing".

As a result, emotionally-charged messages like "defund the police", meant to address police brutality, have become talking points used to define "lawless" Democrats, while falling ineffectually on deaf ears!


"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".
~ Attributed to Albert Einstein

Obviously, to win in Florida, we need a change!

Obviously, we need unity!

Obviously, we need a new message and a new, unity-based, unemotional, "attitude".

With the aforesaid in mind, it is

incumbent on us to provide a new, unequivocal message that makes a difference to truth deniers and brings a semblance of normalcy to our beleaguered democracy.

Again, we just can't give up!

The Importance of Florida

First of all, to win in Florida, we must always keep the following in mind:

  1. Whether we like it or not, Republicans, including Trump, won Florida in 2020!
  2. Florida’s importance to the health and security of the whole United States (our democracy) is beyond doubt! Every well-informed Democrat knows this.
  3. Florida serves as an example to other Republican states.
  4. Other red states are ready to emulate Florida’s anti-democratic policies, especially voter suppression.

All Florida voters must be convinced that politicians who support what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 have actually been conned and taken sides

with those who ignored the "U.S. Constitution" and attempted to overthrow our government on that day.  No matter what they think, they are not patriots!

  1. Only Communists and Fascists would attempt to overthrow our overnment.
  2. What the enemies of democracy did during the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6th was, therefore, an “unpatriotic”, FASCIST attempt to overthrow our democracy ─ in flagrant disregard for the U.S Constitution!
  3. The fact is that, supporting these politicians is to support FASCISM and reject democracy.
  4. We know patriotic Americans dread the thought of FASCISM or COMMUNISM in our country.
Democratic Reality In Florida

What the numbers tell us:

  1. In Florida, there are more registered Democrats (36.7%) than Republicans (35.8%); NPA (27.5%)
  2. These totals mean that, taking the January 6th, 2021 Insurrection in consideration, a well-crafted message might well serve to "convert" enough disgruntled Republicans and NPAs to win Florida.
  3. The message must not be confrontational; it must never go beyond the listening threshhold!
  4. Also, Democrats must run for office aware of the fact that Democrats must first be in power before our agenda can become a reality.

The Message
  1. The same old Democratic message, as usual, will bring us the same catastrophic result: Defeat!
  2. We need to learn — and use — the Republican playbook: Repeat!  Repeat!  Repeat!
  3. We must — incessantly — repeat the reality about the January 6th, 2021 Insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol.
  4. We must — incessantly — repeat that to support what happened on January 6th, 2021, is to unwittingly support FASCISMTyranny!
Florida Strategy

  • polarizing wedge issues or words (e.g., infrastructure, environment, global warming);
  • red-flag issues, identity politics or any known issues that turn REPUBLICANS or NPAs off (e.g., guns, higher taxes for middle class, defunding the police, immigration and other important and necessary agenda issues).

  • what we have in common with all Floridians;
  • not what makes some “party-first” voters stop listening!

Show Empathy
  • empathy, understanding, communality ─ irrespective of speaker’s own personal feelings.

  • that we might see the world differently but, ultimately, “we’re all in this together”;
  • what all Floridians have in common and care for (clean water and air, American jobs, national security, world-class airports, corporate support of American workers, American wealth in American banks, etc.);
  • how the Chinese are leaving America behind technologically, and soon, economically;
  • Europe’s doubts about America’s role as World Leader for the last few years;
  • American’s respect and revere our United States Constitution;
  • that the overthrow of our government is not acceptable to Americans ─ neither is what occurred on January 6th, 2021;
  • that FASCISM is not acceptable to Americans!

When "Deniers" express Opposition to:

Infrastructure — most likely equated to higher taxes for the deniers: If necessary, change the subject as follows: "We all need fresh air and water.  But we can’t wait.  If the government has to raise revenue (income) to pay for this, the pollutants should be billed for the costs ─ not citizens like you and me."

Emphasize that private interests and corporations which pay no taxes, which pollute our drinking water and the air we breathe by dumping toxins into our rivers and air, should be responsible for the clean-up.  Salient examples are: General Electric, the Sugar Cane Industry and others.  (This shifts the blame away from the government, because it’s the government that is expected to take care of this, not us.)

Infrastructure — demonstrate understanding of the fear of many Americans who feel that so many immigrants are trying to get into our country to work, study and reap other benefits that our democracy provides to its own citizens.  Nonetheless, an immigration policy that separates children from their mothers is cruel, immoral and unacceptable to all decent human beings everywhere.

Of course, many American citizens whose families came to this country as immigrants do not understand the role that immigrants have played, and continue to play, in American society.

For example, as the U.S. population ages, many immigrants tend to come to the United States at an average age which is younger than the native-born American population.  Being younger, immigrants are most likely to join the workforce and directly contribute to the ever-growing list of Social Security

beneficiaries ─ without immediately adding more new beneficiaries.

Older Americans, no matter their race or culture, actually benefit from immigration!  Those older Americans who depend on Social Security can certainly appreciate it.

Debt — Emphasize that no rational, responsible American can be OK with the size of the national debt.  No rational, responsible American can be OK with paying way over $1 Trillion in debt-interest ─ funds that could be better spent by the tax-payers on the needs of our nation.

No rational, responsible American can be OK with the self-serving 2017 tax cuts, designed to benefit the wealthy and the corporations while increasing the national debt ─ tax cuts that the corporations used to buy back their own stocks, instead of reinvesting in their corporations in a manner that would create higher-paying jobs.

Higher Taxes — Should be referred to as “revenue”: Emphasize that nobody wants to pay higher taxes!  However, since the Grand Recession of 2008, Trillions of dollars had to be spent to prevent a 1929-type Depression and save our economy, which actually happened and GM is now leading in automobile sales.

Once again, in 2020-21, justifiably so, the COVID-19 Pandemic has instilled fear in a great number of American workers.  In fact, as of June 6th, 2021, there have been 34,113,146 COVID-19 cases, of which 609,767 not-so-lucky Americans have died.  Like the Grand Recession of 2008, to save our economy, increases in revenue and government spending are imperative.

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