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De Facto Communists




Yes!  Democrats Can Win Florida!

Statewide, there are more registered Democrats (36.7%) than Republicans (35.8%).  There are 27.5% registered as NPA/Other.

To win Florida, Democrats need less than one half (½) of the NPA/Other and/or "Disenchanted Republican" vote.  We can do this!

Democrats must adopt a new playbook, namely: REPEAT!  REPEAT!  REPEAT!  THE TRUTH!

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Our Job

Nothing Worth Having Is Free

Hispanics must also become soldiers in our battle for freedom, justice and democracy — not tomorrow, but TODAY!

However, like ALL Democrats, Hispanics must have a reasuring, truthfull message to NPAs and other voters, making it very clear that Democrats are American Patriots who have the best interests of all Americans at heart, regardless of party affiliation.

Warning: using divisive, emotional phrases like "Defund the police" will get us nowhere with those we need to convince that, in effect, Democrats are law-abiding citizens and very strong advocates for justice and equality under the U. S. Constitution.

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The Vote

The Biden/Harris Team won, but this is only the beginning. The struggle is not over!  We can't stop now!

If you are not registered, register — now!

If you are registered, help others to register!  Not tomorrow!  Do it now!

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Join Us


Don't stay on the sidelines!  Help register Hispanics and help get them to vote.

Join Us!

COVID-19 Vaccine — have you or your loved ones received it yet?  Here's how to get it in Florida.

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Puerto Rico

The reasons for Puerto Rican statehood are simple and compelling:

  1. Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917;
  2. Puerto Ricans have been literally "fighting for U.S. democracy since the Republic's beginning";
  3. A majority of Puerto Rican voters yet again chose statehood in November 2020;
  4. America stands to gain
    2 Senators and
    6 Representatives

In the 2020 Plebiscite, the majority or Puerto Rican islanders chose statehood, as they had in the previous plebiscite!

Accordingly, Puerto Rico Statehood Council Chair, José Fuentes-Agostine, testified in Congress during the House Natural Resources Committee Hearing in Support of Puerto Rico Statehood Admission on April 14th, 2021.


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